second change CONCEALMENT shelves handmade – RFID Lock fascinating FINISHES FOR your home DECOR Sale! Walnut Stain RFID Lock Concealment Shelf$230.00 $215.00Sale!coffee Stain (black) Tactical Firearm Shelf$230.00 $215.00Sale!White end Hidden Gun Shelf$230.00 $215.00Sale!Distressed White finish RFID Concealment Shelf$230.00 $215.00Tactical Gun Shelf  – high excellent functions Our second modification Concealment cabinets  – RFID (Radio Frequency identification) locking Firearm  are one of the most secure and easiest methods to cover your guns, cash, jewelry, documents and other valuables. elegant in any cash, jewelry, documents and other valuables. elegant in any décor, it seems like every other floating shelf even as securely hiding your firearms and valuables in plain sight.

There are no clumsy  combinations or buttons to push. truely swipe one of the two covered magnetic cards, throughout the top of the mantle and the magnetic lock releases to open the hidden compartment right away in a clean dampened motion. With the in a clean dampened motion. With the 2d amendment tactical locking machine, your firearms and other valuables are included, and nonetheless can be accessed in seconds. the right answer for preserving gadgets without difficulty to be had for home protection even as thoroughly hidden from prying eyes.

Proudly made inside the united states of your weapons and add-ons,  earrings, coins, critical documents and other gadgets are discreetly covered. appealing colour alternatives pick out from several attractive stains to fit your private home’s decor.  espresso, White,  eco friendly gifts, Walnut and Distressed White. preserve weapons and Valuables safe The ultimate security.  carry domestic the assurance that your guns and add-ons,  earrings,

capabilities at no cost Thick foam inserts to customize to the scale and form of your weapons or other gadgets.  2 radio frequency magnetic cards are covered for added security, and an outside battery charging tool is furnished that guarantees you’ll by no means get locked out in an emergency. expert construction Our professional craftsman hand build your hidden firearm with best  three/4″ top class grade maple hardwood production, excessive-give up moulding and advanced finishing.

Concealment Shelf capabilities: expert Grade Maple Hardwood construction electronic Magnetic Lock device2 RFID playing cards blanketed external Battery p.c .motion Sensor LED interior mildfour hues: coffee, White, Walnut, and Distressed White Customizable Foam Inserts Dimensions: 22.five x 10.25 x 4” New American Flag gadgets – Wall artwork, show Rack Hardwood Wall art Plaque$119.00 $ninety five.00Sale!Rustic American Flag three Compartment Wall storage cupboard$199.00 $189.00Sale!

Rustic American Flag navy Coin show Rack$169.00 $159.00See An notable Array of specific and beneficial gift ideas at Don’s united states Wood shop make sure to go to Don’s united states of america Woodshop today for all your customized present needs.

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