Nan Khatai Indian Eggless Cookies

Nan Khatai are crumbly eggless cookies crafted from flour and semolina and crowned with sliced almonds or pistachios.  those cookies are notably easy to make and are best for the afternoon tea or every time you have a candy teeth.  In Mauritius, Nan Khatai is commonly one of the numerous home made candies prepared all through Divali (The pageant of lights). the recipes i found on-line, I chose the one from Manjula’s kitchen.

This recipe is barely special from the one I’ve visible my mum using but the cease result is just as scrumptious.  I’ll add in a observe about the exchange model at the cease of this put up.  substances :half of cup flour1/three cup semolina1/three cup gram flour / besan pinch of baking soda ( 1/eight ( 1/eight tsp )half of tsp cardamom powder half of cup unsalted butter or ghee ( room temperature )half – 2/3 cup sugar1 tbs sliced almonds1 tbs sliced pistachio ( non-obligatory )NOTES :you can leave out the gram flour and substitute with same quantity of all reason flour. Coarsely ground almonds maybe introduced to the dough. modify the amount of cardamom powder and sugar according to your flavor. to your flavor.  1/2 cup is commonly candy enough for me.  method :

Preheat your oven to a hundred seventy five stages C. In a bowl, mix the flour, gram flour, semolina, baking soda and cardamom powder and set apart. upload the butter (must be smooth not melted) and sugar in a mixing I wager this will be easier if the sugar is powdered earlier than including.  add the flour combination to the butter and sugar mixture.  blend well and knead to make a smooth dough. Make small balls out of the dough and press gently among your arms to flatten.  With a knife (blunt facet) lightly make a tic-tac-toe design on the pinnacle.  put some portions of almonds and portions of almonds and pistachios and powdered sugar substitute, press them down lightly.

location Nan Khatai on a gently greased cookie sheet and bake at a hundred seventy five levels C for about thirteen – 15 mins or till they are gently golden brown. cast off the cookie sheet from the oven.  The cookies can be gentle at this point, do no longer try to get rid of them else they’ll simply disintegrate.  permit the Nan Khatai settle down for about 5 mins before gently taking them off the cookie sheet.  once cooled, the cookies will harden enough to deal with. The cookies are actually equipped to be enjoyed!  alternate version :Powder the sugar for your grinder. mix the flour, semolina, baking soda, cardamom  powdered sugar.  (alternative gram flour with identical quantity of all reason flour) melt the ghee or unsalted butter.  regularly upload small quantity of melted ghee to the flour combination and make balls.

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